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Gabrielle - My interpretation: Music


My Personal Interpretation

  • Senior MMP Major

  • Compiled of recorded sounds and plugins

    • Spear: toast vibrations

    • Absynth: fm improv, doomhammers, waveshaper

    • Alchemy: vector untitled

    • Cecilia: mcdonald’s straw and helicopter vocals

  • Codename: The Final Phase

    • There are alarms blaring in the background as the “alien commander” has released all the other captured aliens in the science facility. They have all gathered to the main control room and are overlooking a map of the entire world. Through discussions, they create and initiate the final phase of their plan for taking over the world - mind control via satellite broadcast of frequencies to cover the globe. The piece ends with the aliens saying “it’s impossible, explode explode” - referencing that they succeeded in “blowing the minds” of the humans through the use of their galactic frequencies.

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